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Easy ordering

WeGift’s user-friendly, intuitive interface makes ordering rewards simple and seamless. Add the recipient, choose the value and send

Bulk order

Reduce manual work and automatically send bulk rewards instantly. Add recipients or upload a list and send it in seconds

Global reach

Seamlessly send value globally with access to 1,300+ brands in 30 countries and 18 currencies.

Fee-free platform

Avoid unnecessary costs and only pay for the rewards you send. No fuss, no fees

Meaningful rewards

Send rewards your team wants to receive

Increase the impact of your rewards by making them more meaningful and memorable. WeGift Select lets your employees choose from any brand in the WeGift catalog, so everyone receives a reward they love.

Use personalized messages to make sure recipients feel special and appreciated while keeping employee engaged.


Global rewards

Reach your employees anytime, anywhere

Reach employees in different countries, currencies and languages. WeGift simplifies the process of rewarding people internationally with a catalog of thousands of global brands.

Avoid costs and conversion fees. With WeGift, there is no charge for sending rewards around the world.

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Cost efficient

Avoid unnecessary costs

Only pay for the rewards you send with WeGift’s fee-free platform. We simplify sending rewards globally so you can set up, send and scale affordably.

The WeGift platform also offers data-rich reporting & management tools to track spend, redemption and engagement and gain valuable insights to optimize your budgets.

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"The API’s setup was made extremely easy through concise and clear documentation – a rarity in this space. We were astonished at how quick and simple it was to get everything set up."

Ben Jones
Partner and Affiliate Director

"We source from 7 Gift Card Vendors. WeGift surpasses all of them. Their team, system and processes are light years ahead of their competition. Getting things done with them is just much easier."

Maurice Harary
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"We needed a way of delivering rewards effectively, at pace and at a large scale. WeGift have unlocked a world of possibilities for Vodafone and were exactly what we needed to drive new revenue."

Cai Mullins
Head of Affiliates
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"Where manual work was required took us half the time with WeGift compared to other solutions. Receiving rewards is more instant with WeGift. Our users respond very positively to this."

Laura Tomlinson
Sales Op Coordinator