Terms and conditions

In order to receive a $50 gift card, you must:

  • Attend a 20-minute demo of WeGift’s platform before September 15, 2021
  • Be involved with distributing gift cards at your company

How does WeGift work?

If your experience with digital incentives is like most marketers, you’re probably stuck navigating less-than-ideal tech, multiple suppliers, and bulk-ordering issues which create unnecessary and time-consuming manual work. We’ve built an incentive marketing platform and API that removes friction from the process, so your customers can:

  • Choose from 650+ branded incentives
  • Receive their gift card in seconds
  • Use it on their preferred device
  • Access 24-hour customer service

Companies like Vodafone, Utilita, and Sky have seen a huge boost in customer sign-ups, engagement, and NPS since using WeGift.

Distribute gift cards at scale

With WeGift, you can access the world’s largest catalog of digital gift cards. Our easy-to-use software offers powerful capabilities:

  • Get industry-leading discounts on gift cards
  • Create customized, real-time reports
  • Build seamless integrations with our gift card API